Crystal, porcelain, tea cups and china

This Thursday will be three weeks in our rental home.  We are pretty much moved and settled in.  I unpacked and set up everything in the basement this past weekend.  A few boxes here and there are left.  The garage is pretty full, but will be emptied when our shed is moved over.

The shed was supposed to be here by now, but the day it was to be moved it snowed.  Yes, we do live in Minnesota. These things happen.  Hopefully, in the next few days the shed will be here and we can clean out the garage.

Some boxes are just being stored in the furnance room and other closet space.  I have boxes and boxes of china, crystal, porcelain and tea cups.  They have been stored for years.  We use to have all of these boxes in our eves at 4020.  I packed up my antique breakables when the kid’s were born and was never able to unpack them because we have known we would be moving.

I love antiques.  I love old things.  I have been “antiquing” since college and there are some things I just cannot donate.  We acquired a lot of antique furniture when we lived in Indiana that I am not ready to part with.  I guess it will go into the shed.

I have always liked fine china and porcelain and have a collection of tea cups.  I have also inherited pieces that I cannot just give away at this time.  I want to use these pieces, or at least put them out, but our circumstances will not allow it, so they will stay in their boxes.

We also have so many photographs that need to be organized and put in books.  I have boxes of mementos from our parents who are all deceased that I need to organize and put aside for our children when they are older.  I never organized it because each year was wait and see if we have to move.  It was a wait year by year thing because of politics and money.  We were in limbo for eight years, waiting on the powers to be to tell us when we had to move.  I cannot believe the things I put on hold, like going through these boxes.

Time goes by so fast, yet the process seemed so slow.  Can’t blame one person, it is the whole system and process.  The county is the entity that condemed us, but it was the city who approved the project in the first place.

Interesting, our youngest, who is eight, can pronounce “eminent domain” perfectly.  He keeps asking me when I am on the computer if I am writing about “eminent domain”.  I tell him I am.

Then, one day recently, he asked me when he would be able to meet “Eminent Domain”.  Okay, now what do I tell him?  How do I teach this?

One of my best friends, that I refer to as one of my fab four, told me that when she was young, her parents told her that her Grandfather sold the farm for peanuts.  She said for years, she literally thought her Grandfather got bags of peanuts for the farm.

We are not settling for peanuts.  Just not sure how to explain this to my kids…