More open houses

Last Sunday we went to two open houses.  This has been a regular family Sunday event for many years.  Excited to see the first home, a vintage home, like we had that was remodeled.

Oh, the disapointment.  Again.

Then we went to a beautiful remodeled 1980’s home.  Everything I said I would never look at, but it was nice.  Won’t work for us, but a nice house.  Realtor understood our situation.  Knew right away we didn’t get enough for our house.

More connections.

I only hope the people that decided our fate, have just as much time sucking moments. Most Sundays for Nine years.

I think we have looked at hundreds of homes.  Only a few have stood out and they have sold.  Not right away, there has always been a chance, but they did sell.  Right now I have not a one on our list.

Doesn’t matter, we haven’t settled yet.  But, hard to live with, given our age.

Not fair to start over, none of this is fair.  There is so much more I am not talking about, that has affected our family.

This, our situation, will never be fair.  Never.