My Stove

Well, I did it.  I should say “we” did it.  My husband and I are quite the team.  Somehow we pulled off hosting Christmas and everything turned out okay!

We were used to our “professional gas six burner two griddle dual oven” and actually hosted Christmas for fourteen this year.  Last year we did thirty for Thanksgiving.

Getting used to electic again.

Between the oven and the grill, we cooked everything to be done at the same time.  Actually, amazing that we did this.  Had a great compliment from my brother in law, he said “you do this so well”.

We have hosted for so many years, same house, same appliancies. So many Holidays…

But, we did it again, in a new place.

Yep, one of my cousins told me that we should think of running a B & B, well that may be part of our retirement plan.  We cook and we cook well, no matter what — the City, the County, can not change that.  They can take away my house, my view, my lot and my dream, but they cannot take away my food!

And no one can take my stove.  You see our remodel started with the stove.  It was a four burner electric stove top that was down to one and a half burners. The oven, well, let’s just say a chicken took about five hours to cook….It needed to be replaced.  But, I cooked with it for years…   I did Holidays, I do deserve a medal for cooking!

Unfortunately, everyone who would give me a medal, has now passed.

And then we remodeled…

My stove is now in storage, along with the fridge. May never use them again, but I do own them, they are still “mine”.