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Not much to report since my last post.  The commissioners came back and actually lowered the offer because we took a few things, like our stove.

Already posted about our stove.  Our stove started the whole remodel.

Either offer is not enough to buy or build a comparable.  I will clarify that we are not looking for the lottery, we are and were fine with our mortgage payment and  we are comfortable having the same mortgage. .

Didn’t want to move.  Don’t care what the “market value” is.

Next step is an appeal and the legal process of going towards trial.

Personally, there is always a lot going on.  That is life.  Everyone has a story.

Had a call today from a client who wanted to talk to me, I know who she is and welcomed the call.  Not only a client, she used to live at 4020.  Our house was her house.  She wanted to know what was going on and noticed that the driveway had not been plowed.

She lived there over twenty five years ago and still misses the house.  Her and her husband sold it to buy a townhome and a cabin.  If not for the cabin, she said she would still be there.  I thought for a moment, then I would have never been there, although I didn’t say anything.

Small world.  She was sad and asked me if I knew what would happen to 4020.  I told her I really didn’t know.

My client and former owner of 4020 is 80 years old, and she still misses the house.




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  1. Stay strong Susan. The country needs to hear your story.

    You are living not only the financial cost of eminent domain but the emotional cost as well. Dollars can be calculated. How people feel it’s okay to offer less than replacement value is, to me, beyond humane decency but there is at least some kind of process to arrive at some kind of figure.

    How to calculate the emotional cost of these things? They don’t even try. If they did, eminent domain would take a huge hit.

    I’ve been told by powers-that-be in legislature that they need to hear our stories in Washington. I hope one day that they hear yours.

    The owner before you still missing her home? That says so much. Homes are not just buildings. They become a part of us as we live our lives in them.

    I hope the ones calculating your home’s worth will come to their senses and do so with some normal human feeling and respect for right process.

    Sometimes it comes down to not wanting to set precedent. Presedent can either hurt or help the ones that come after you. You staying strong through this difficult time could lead to protections for others in the future.

    Blessings to you and your family during this time. Nancy Stinson

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