Reaching out

Today I stayed at home to clean out closets.  You know what I accomphished?

Nothing.  Nada.

Sometimes when you have so much to do, it overwhelmes you and you end up doing nothing.  Well, that was me today.

I did do a google search of other Eminent Domain stories.  I read newspaper stories that all sound the same.  I want to talk to the people who have been through this.  I might find a name, but, then I cannot locate a phone number.

I was over twenty pages into my search when I came across a story from a year or so ago that was a follow up from ten years ago.

I had a name and I found the phone number.

I called and she answered.

She is from Ohio and lost her home to a Stadium project over ten years ago.

I briefed her on our situation.  Gave her my name, phone number and blog information.

I didn’t want to talk too long, I don’t know the specifics of her story and I do not want to impead on her life.  She did tell me it was the worst thing she ever has gone through.

We agreed on that.  We agreed that this sucks.

I told her I was trying to connect with people who have gone through this process.  I hope she calls me back.  I understand if she doesn’t.  I am learning that a lot of people do not want to talk about this.

With that said, I do want to talk about it.  I want these stories to be told and heard.

Things still need to change.