Tall Ships

Sometimes when we tell our story to someone who knows none of the background, we get that “deer in the headlights” look along with shock and disbelief.

It is like the Native Americans not “seeing” the Tall European Ships when they first approached the America’s.

One of my friends told me that growing up, it was “if you didn’t talk about it, it didn’t happen”, in her family.

Well, that is why I am talking about our story.  Because it does happen and never in a million years did I think this would happen to me and my family.  I want to tell our story so people understand  that the government really can take your home or business.

This is real.  I will tell you there is no amount of money that would make this okay.  Even now, at the end, I would rather stay in my house.  This is not just about the money.  This is about the principle, the purpose and politics that come into play.

Look up any story regarding eminent domain.  It is the same story over and over.  Whatever entity that is taking the home or business building, it starts to sound the same. The owners don’t feel they are being compensated fairly (because they are not) and the entity states they had an “independant appraisal”.  So the owners end up with two choices, accept the offer or seek legal representation.

There was a story yesterday in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune regarding a business in Edina.  The city just agreed to eminent domain for a parking lot.

I feel for the owners.  I know how devestation feels.  I know how we feel having worked so hard for what we have and the politicians decided our fate.

What you don’t hear or see is the process that the owners go through.  How we try to save our properties, the phone calls to our representatives, how we think we can do this and end up okay.

We are the Tall Ships…we need to be seen.