The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:  We found and bought a house!  Finally homeowners again.  This part is a story in itself and I will write more about it later.  This is our saving grace of our saga and really quite amazing how it came together.  I will say we are moved in, house is put together and we are not moving for a long, long, long time.

The Bad:  We lost.  Yes, we lost.  As in we lost our trial.  Judge ruled against us and for the County.  Not one cent more.  I feel sick and want to throw up.  I am mad and angry.  I feel the same as when I started this blog.  I was so hopeful and optimistic.  Now, I have become jaded as I realize what was really stacked up against us.

The Ugly:  We are not going to appeal.  Based on our attorneys advice and more for the fact that it would be 100% on us financially.  We have already lost so much.

Yep, this is Eminent Domain.  Anyone reading this really would not believe it unless they are going though it or just found out they maybe will be going through it.  Who else would randomly find this blog or look up eminent domain?  Even though we lost, I am not giving up on it and I am still going to write.   This will never leave me or be done until I can help with change.  No one should ever go through what we did or others did regarding losing our property.