A New perspective

Wow.  I don’t know where to start.  So many things have been going on.  So many stories.

I added up the years and how long we have been looking at open houses.  Conservatory, at a minimum, at least 500 houses.  I would put that number closer to 800-1000.  Today we looked at three.  Ruled all of them out.  We are at ten years of looking for where we will live.

The second house we looked at today, the realtor knew us from years ago.  Years ago.

Who goes though this?

So many people empathize with us.

We have our mediation in about two weeks.  That is where a Judge will mediate between us and the County to settle before a Trial.  I am optimistic, not sure about everyone else. I cannot imagine this may be over.

We didn’t want to have to hire an attorney.  We tried to do it on our own.  I have learned so much. Eminent Domain is not fair.

I don’t know what else to say.






1 thought on “A New perspective

  1. Susan, I sincerely hope the mediation goes well. Only time will tell but at least that time is finally almost upon you. You are to be commended for staying strong. Sometimes we get no other choice?

    Ten years of looking at houses? 500 to 1000 houses? That’s beyond incredible. It just boggles the mind and would seem unreal to me if not for our own situation. We are into year six of the worst, or year eight from when it truly began. We’re still in our home but there have been so many huge lengths of time when it did not feel at all like home; when we had no normal life. The past fourteen months of property survey, the 1.5 years of sewer odor inside our home, the devastation at the beginning of the project, each phase led to the next and each phase stole so much life from us. So much life has been stolen from your family as well and you have children at home. I can’t imagine going through what we have if we’d had children at home.

    Our situations are very different, but the unfairness and the theft of normal life are similarities we both share. I pray that your optimism is a sign that much needed relief and freedom from your situation is near.

    White House, Tennessee

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