Yep, I am going to talk about rocks.

I had a client come in last week for a review and she told me she went to 4020 after we were forced to move, that she went to our house and took some rocks for her garden.

She said she was a little afraid.  Worried about what the neighbors would think and if anyone saw her.  I assured her that our neighbors didn’t care.

She told me that she was saving the rocks for me.  That once we were settled in our next home, she would give me the rocks for my garden.  I told her I didn’t want the rocks, they were hers and I am glad she has a little piece of 4020.  I just asked her to send me a photo of her garden.

Good karma.  I only know her through work and she use to be insured with my Father.  We also connected that we use to go to the same church.  Small world.

Rocks.  Our connection is rocks from 4020 Shady Oak Road.

Amazing, isn’t it?