Still Renting

We are still renting a home, it has been now over a year and a half.  We first signed a lease for a year and then did a six month extension.  We are now on a month to month lease.

The legal process is new to us.  It is slow as was our condemnation.  It took years for our home to actually be condemened and now it has taking more time for the legal process.

After we didn’t accept the counties offer for our property, we had no choice but to hire an attorney.  If you do not accept the offer of the entity that is condemming your property, you have no choice. That was made very clear by the Judge who presided over the condemnation hearing.

Our attorney then works with an appraisal company to do an appraisal and “comparable study” of our property.  This report has taken over a year and is costing us a lot of money. If I told you how much this is costing, you would understand why no one fights this and everyone settles.  How unfair.

We have a trial “block” date, which apparently is what the County does.  Our case will go to trial between August 31st and September 15th.

That puts us over two years of renting. A lot of money renting…

What else can I say right now?