An “Aha ” moment

One of my appointments yesterday was with a couple I have have known for many years.  It had been a long time, many years since we reviewed their policies.

Over time, I have got to know them.  They were people I could tell about our situation.

We know each other well enough.  Know their parents.  Interesting that the man in the appointment, remembers his parents losing their home when he was a child for a road project.

It was a Victorian home (our first home was a Victorian – built in the late 1800’s), they couldn’t take anything because they were paid for the “whole house”.  Yet he remembered driving by and people had gone in and took doors, woodwork etc.

In the end the fire department burned the house for training.

Okay, that was my clients story.  Given his age and knowing of the road project he was probably my kid’s age when it happened.  That is when I “got it”.

“It”, meaning Eminent Domain, is never is gone.  You may win, you may loose, you may be indifferent, it will never leave you.

So, I get it. Eminent Domain will always be with me, with us.

It is was it is.