Our Rental Home

Things are starting to bloom at our rental home.  Peonies are almost open, Irises are next.  Hosta’s look great and even the raspberries we replanted are taking shape.

Yes, we did save a lot of plants from 4020.  They would have been bull dozed as I have previously written about.  The backyard at 4020 is back to dirt, just like it was after we remodeled.  It makes me sad all of the time and work it was and now it is gone.  However, it is nice to see everything look so nice here at our rental home.

On Saturday, my husband, cleaned out the hot tub that our landlords have here and got it in working order.  He spent all day cleaning it and getting it ready to go.

On Sunday we put down a deck under the porch where it was all dirt.  It looks really nice. I finished up planting my garden, adding popcorn, yellow squash, and mixed greens to our tomatoes, peppers, kale, lettuce and herbs. Not as much as I usually have, but enough for this year.

There are three houses left to come down on the project.  4020 is one that is still left.  I know the house has been gutted as much as it can be and our landscaping has all been dug up.  It will be better when it is done and over.  I won’t drive by it anymore once it is gone.

When I drove home on Friday, I saw a women taking photos of one of the homes.  She had a younger child with her, maybe around ten years old.  Too much traffic to stop.  Should of, would like her story also.  Guess I am not the only one that continues to drive by.  She was the second person I have seen taking photo’s of the demolished homes.

Everyone has a story.