Another day

Okay, it is another day.  I am near the count down of loosing home ownership to eminenent domain and I am okay. What does that mean?  Saying your okay is like saying you are “fine”.

My Fab Four and I have had many conversations of the “meaning of fine”, it’s like the mathamatician talking about pi.  Fine is, well fine is never fine.

You either get it or you don’t.

Fine is what it is and simple is what simple does.

And life is what you do about it. What you make of it and how you deal what is dealt to you.

Yesterday, last evening, before my dinner (I was at a work meeting), I went outside of the hotel, a very nice hotel by the way, to call my husband. I was talking on my cell phone when a homeless man sat on the bench next to me.

Memories of when I spent a week in Chicago with one of my Fab Four working with the homeless over Thanksgiving Break in the eighties in Chicago.

We were so smart and so naive.  However, we learned so much and we still talk about it.

I hung up the phone with my husband.  I looked at the man on the bench.  I asked him if he was sleeping outside tonight.  He said “yes”.

I gave him $20.00 and walked inside.

Wow. I am only loosing my dream home to emient domain,. It could be worse.