Getting settled

We have been in our rental for just over a week. We are getting settled.  Most rooms are put together and functioning.  I unpacked and put the kid’s rooms together first.  I needed to make sure they felt at home.  Their posters are on their walls and everything is out of boxes.

After their rooms, it was the kitchen.  We need to be able to function and cook.  Living room, dining and family room were next.  Our room took a while because I had to go through my clothes a second time.  I donated a lot prior to our move and got rid of more clothes while unpacking.  Too many clothes and shoes.

We get together every year with two families who are close friends for halloween.  This year we hosted and made dinner.  The kids went trick or treating in our new neighborhood.  We also had a out of town guest overnight on Saturday.  One of my fab four had a layover in Minneapolis and had a day to come over.  We actually went over to 4020, since she will not ever see it again.

It was really weird.  I had not been there since the movers came a week ago Thursday.  I did okay and did not break down.  The house doesn’t look so nice.  It’s hard to leave it like it is.  It’s a respect thing, take care of what you have.  If I had time, I would go back and clean up the yard.

My husband was over at 4020 on Saturday with a few of his buddies finishing up things.  They had to take a section of the fence down so the shed can be moved this week.  They also had to cut down a large shrub that had been there since before we bought the home.  That was sad.  Inside, the carpet going downstairs has a large stain from when they moved the basement refrigerator.

Moving is hard no matter what.  Moving because you want to and moving because you have to, are two different ballgames.  It is hard to believe the end finally came for us at 4020.  Believe it our not, I feel okay.  It is somewhat of a relief to move on.  It is like my stress and anxiety melted away when I left.  Our friends who have been over to our new place said I look much better.  I am trying to be positive and I really do feel okay.

Our shed and rainbow playset will be moved this week.  A few things are left to pick up such as paint and things the movers could not move.  My husband will do the final walk through with the County on the 15th of this month.  I will not be there for that.

Probably need to go back one more time.  Our youngest blurted out at dinner last night that he has to go back to give the “pee tree” a hug.