Feeling Numb

Not sure how I feel.  Weird for sure.  Last week was a blur.

One of my best friends, yes, one of the Fab Four, was back in town for a family funeral and after spending a few days with family came here to our rental home to be with us.

That was Thursday evening.  We stayed up too late and drank too much wine in anticipation of Friday’s events.

Friday, yes, last Friday.  Well, we first went downtown to pick up the “check”, the last written offer from the county.  Then we picked up lunch for the office and had to type a letter to our mortgage company.  We then headed over to 4020 Shady Oak Road to do a walk through with some other county people and hand over our keys.

Next we overnighted the “check” to our mortgage company.  Then my friend and I went to our new home to get ready for happy hour with some of my old work group (changes within my company, can’t even get to that at this point).  After everyone left early, we stayed and had dinner and then went home (new home) to make sure the kid’s were okay.

They were.  Then we went out to the casino to meet up with my Brother in law. Yes, my husband was with us for all events.  Again, stayed up too late.

My Fab Four first visitor twice now, left Saturday and we had another party to go to in the evening.  Babysitter, I should say Tweensitter, came and we went out again.  Had a great time, just got tired of telling our story.  Most had been to our home.  Yes, we moved, No, we didn’t find a house to buy…

The usual conversation for us lately.  But, hey, we are telling everyone.  Check out our story.  Yep, could happen to you.

Spoke to a representative from X-cel energy today to make sure the bill was correct and to forward the next bill to the county.  He was very nice.  Told him our story.  Interesting, he bought his home three years ago and there is some plan to put a road in the woods between him and his neighbors home.  Believe me, I had some advice for him.  If it is on some plan it is only a matter of time and money.

Too busy to really “feel” the end this past week.  Probably good, only I am thinking about it too much now.  That part is over.  We moved, we handed over the keys, we found a place to rent and so far, the kid’s are okay.

Mortgage is hopefully paid, you never know, the “check” may bounce.