Another interesting week.  But, why wouldn’t it be interesting when you go through this process of eminent domain?  I guess I thought that once we handed over the keys I would have some time to basically chill and get use to our new normal. It was a week ago last Friday that we handed over the keys to 4020 Shady Oak Road to the county.

Last Saturday we took the boys out to see the tribute to Queen, “We will rock you” at the Orpheum in Minneapolis.  They loved it.  We promised them, that once we moved, things would be different.  We wouldn’t be so “tied” to our house, we would stop taking them to open houses every Sunday (something we did regularly when we found out we would have to move) and that we would have time to have fun and do things.

I do think of all of that time and in the big picture, I hope it was not wasted.  I don’t think it was.  I think I have a pretty good grip on the concept of “community” and “comparable” in my world.  However, my world is not law or legal in anyway.  That is the problem.  We are only another homeowner that lost their home for a road project and do not feel we were anywhere near compensated for what we had.  I know there are so many of us, I hope we can connect.  Too many people do not want to talk about what they went through. I am thankful that I do want to talk about it.

I am thankful we found a wonderful rental home and the owners are so accommodating to our situation.  The owners of our rental home were here last Sunday and our coincidences and our common connections seriously can only be a miracle in itself.

Things happen for a reason.  I have always believed that.  For some reason I am suppose to go through this.

I am thankful I have such good friends.  We celebrated Thanksgiving today with one of my Fab Four and her family.  Such a good time, good food and good conversation. Very thankful.

Last Monday we did go back to 4020 for another walk through.  The next step is the “commissioners hearing”.  Being in the insurance world, it would be like going to arbitration.  We did not agree with the offer, so now a panel of “commissioners” will take another look.  The commissioners are court appointed and will come up with another number.  They needed to see the house, they needed to see 4020.  We didn’t have to go.  But, why wouldn’t we?  We have been at every meeting, every event, everything connected to our house and eminent domain.

We went to see the commissioners and for them to see us.  We went, again, to see the process.  The kid’s have not been back and now will never be.

I am thankful our kid’s are okay, that we are healthy and for all of the people in our life that have made this process bearable.

Happy Thanksgiving,