Friday the 13th

I need to try to relax and calm down.  I know everything will work out.  I have been pretty stressed with this process and getting ready to move that I haven’t been able to write.

I decided to write a little bit each day on how I feel and what is going on.  Basically, keeping the blog in “present” time and then getting to the background story after we move and get settled.

Last Friday we had two moving companies come to the house so we can get bids for relocating.  I broke down at the end of the first appointment.  I just became so upset showing our house and looking at everything we did.  My husband had to show our property to the second appointment.

I realized that it will be best to get out sooner than later.  Even though we are pretty sure we are the last homeowners on the road project still living in our home.  Our drop dead or the sheriff is coming date is November 15th.  So, we have stayed as long as we can.

Because we did not accept the County’s offer we will not receive any money until we do settle.  Except that to actually take possession of our property, they will have to pay the mortgage first.  We have no idea when they are going to pay it, by Novemeber 15th I woud think.

What that means is we are still paying our mortgage which is crazy.  We also had to put a downpayment on our rental home and will be paying both next month. I don’t see where Eminent Domain is a good process and laws protect the people.

This is our third home.  It was going to be our last home.  We have updated everyroom.  Including painting closets — on the inside, who does that?  Every piece of furniture is for the room it is in. Every thing has a place and a purpose in this house.  We have been here fifteen years.  Fifteen years.  I know now that it would not have mattered if we had been here fifty years.  If the government wants your property, they are going to take it.

But, really, just be fair and pay for us to get a comparable home or build.  I don’t want to go into details or numbers.  In a nut shell, the offer was less than what we have our home is insured for.  Our insurance number does not include the land.  We know a little bit about insurance and rebuilding cost.  I am an insurance agent and have been in the insurance industry over 20 years and my husband works with me.

This really does suck and I feel sick from the inside out.  The gentleman from the moving company last Friday was very empathetic and had worked with other homeowners on this project.  He told me to make sure I was okay “on the inside”, that is when I broke down.  Because I am not okay on the inside. That is why I know we need to move sooner than later.