63 days left

63 days left in my dream home. Or less, depending on when we decide to vacate.  But, no more than 63 days including today.

I think about things differently these days.  For example, today I opened a drawer in our bathroom and I thought “ugh! I need to clean this out. I walk into closets and think, geez, I need to go through all of this.  My husbands response is that we will get a dumpster…  No, we need to donate, reuse, recycle.  I cannot just put everything in a dumpster.

We need to start going through everything.  Even though we will have movers pack and unpack, there is still a lot we have to do.  There is no payment for our time for this as there is no payment for any of our time that we have put into looking for a home, researching Eminent Domain and putting our story together for appraisers and other appointments.

Moving will take at least a week.  Two to three days for the movers to pack us and then two days to unpack.  Someone needs to be here and there to organize and assist.  That is a week off work.  How fair is that? Everyone else working on this project gets paid, but we have to take time off from work to move and get nothing.

I am going to start adding up the hours spent on trying to save our home, eight years of hours.  Just for the principle of it.  This is crazy.  We live in America, how can this be?

And when should we stop mowing the lawn?  These are things I have been thinking about.