Telling our story

Yesterday, I got a call from Minnesota AmVets, asking for a donation.  We donate a few times a year to their organization.  We are big supporters of our Veterans and usually a woman named “Kay” calls us.  The person I spoke with said Kay was sitting across from him.  I had to decline this time, but I had to explain why.  I proceeded to tell him our situation of loosing our home to eminent domain.  I told him to call in a few months, we have to put all donations on hold until we move and get settled.  Remember, we are paying our mortgage and a lease…

We are telling our story to everyone.  As a business owner, we are in contact with people everyday.  We know our clients.  We have been telling our story to our friends, clients, venders, people we do business with etc.  We have been telling it for eight years. And you know what?  No one is surprised that we received a low offer.

No one.

Another thing that the County needs to do is find us “comparable” housing.  Meaning homes that are similar to ours that are actually for sale in our community.  “Community” is an issue.  What is community?  The city that we live in?  School district? Radius from our current location?  Between our business and our kids school, we need to be close to where we currently live.

Our home is deceiving.  It looks small from the front.  However, when you come in it opens up and goes out back.  We are also on a small body of water.  I have already written that we added on to our home and did a complete renovation.

We were presented with, no I am sorry, we were sent certified mail, information on five homes for sale that were on water, about the same square footage, bathrooms/bedrooms etc. Other than that, nothing was comparable.  These are where the homes are located and the distance from our current home:

1. Independence, 18.9 miles

2. Minneapolis, 13.7 miles

3. Corcoran, 22.8 miles

4. Maple Grove, 13.5 miles

5. Plymouth, 12.9 miles

Those that know our area, know that we would never consider moving to any of those areas — it’s too far from our “community”.  This is what we are dealing with.