Interesting Day

Yesterday was interesting.  We went to our condemnation hearing.  We are not the only ones involved in this process, but I think we are the only homeowners left to settle.

There are building owners, business owners and other tennants involved.

We went to observe the process.  That was it.  We thought we could just watch and view the process.

Apparently, the Judge wanted to know who everyone was and started going through the list of everyone affected by this project. If you were present, you had to tell her. We acknowleged who we were and she didn’t ask any questions.

After a while, we started to feel like some of her comments were being directed at us. Not to quote directly, because I didn’t take notes, but she was making it very clear on how complicated the process is and if you are not represented you have to follow the rules and laws and she held up handbooks etc.

Finally, I nudged my husband and whispered, you have to tell her.  He put up his hand and told the Judge that we are represented by an attorney.  I thought I saw a sigh of relief, but then she called him up to the table with the other attorneys and asked who and why our attorney wasn’t present

My husband replied our attorney was out of State on a case and knew about the hearing.

Well, that was that.

You would have to know my husband.  He does not speak in public, much less to people he does not know and certainly not when it is unexpected.  I was very proud of him, I knew he was nervous.

I do not speak “legal speak” and certainly not on this matter.  This is new to us. After we left, I updated our attorney’s assistant and I pretty much had most of what I thought I heard wrong.

I will not be writing about the legal process.  This needs to be left to the experts.

On another note, I am getting through rooms and drawers.  Still a lot to go through, but everyday is more progress.