Between two Houses

We got the keys to our rental home this week.

We are now officially between two homes, our dream home and our rental home.  One of my Fab Four, who is renting based on other circumstances, told me to have the time to move.  Thank you.  It is nice not to have added stress of having limited time to move.

We even met one of our new neighbors today.  He is originally from South Bend, Indiana.

Interesting, we bought our first home in South Bend, Indiana.

We have been making our rental home ready for us and our son’s. We need to make it feel like home.  Home is where the heart is right? Just don’t tell that to someone who is losing their home to Eminent Domain.

I will make it our home.

Over the past few days I read a book, “Little Pink House”, about an Eminent Domain case out of New London, Connecticut. The main person is a woman named “Susette Kelo”.  I knew her as Kelo vs. New London.  People have been telling me about that case for years.

I read the book and now know her story.  I cried. I feel for her. She is the face of Eminent Domain and did not want to be.  She only wanted her house.  We have so much in common and yet our circumstances are so different. I hope to  maybe someday meet her.

One thing in common we have forsure, is that we both just  wanted to keep our house.  I would rather keep my house and so did she.

I am so sorry for her and everyone else in her neighborhood.  I do feel I need to do something. Even if it is just telling my story.