“One of these days, Alice…”

I am probably dating myself.  But, the title of this blog is from the TV series “The Honeymooners”.  I am not that old, but know of the series and the quotes.

Last week I was sad, this week I am mad.  This is like mourning, which my Fab Four keep telling me I am going through.  I am really, really mad.  Actually, I am pissed off that I am going through this and more so for those who cannot fight it.

This is good.  I now know my purpose and have a reason to talk about what we are going through.

Last week I reached out to a few people that are in the eminent domain arena.  Most are attorneys and I am trying to get in touch with their clients for emotional support.

Today, I spoke with the Executive Director of the Minnesota Chapter for the Institute for Justice.

He had the time to listen to my story and give me advice.  He told me that what I am going through is common with those who go through eminent domain.  He said to make sure I take care of myself because those who are older, in their 60’s and 70’s this kills them.

Literally, emient domain kills people.  Like in, they die.

I have heard those stories.  I have come across those stories.  Heart attacks, suicide…all because of eminent domain.

He said it is a psychological thing that no matter what your property is, the fact that someone else is deciding your fate can be so stressful that is can take your life.

I never have experienced anxiety like this. Never.  I am a strong person who has been through other major life events- this is worse.  I so needed to hear that validation.  That this pain is real, that this is not a joke and that this process kills people.

Okay, that is so wrong.

I believe in fate.  I believe things happen for a reason. Now, I know that I have a purpose to this blog.  I do not want anyone else to die because of eminent domain.

I can do this.  I can tell our story.  I have a degree in Journalism, I freelance write from time to time and have been paid for my work.  I can tell my story with a purpose to help those who cannot tell their story.

I have said it before, I will say it again, this is not about the money.  No amount of money will ever pay me or my family for what we have gone through.  How much money would you want to get to cover the emotions of your children that you hold at night and tell them everything is going to be okay?

My children are age 12 and 8.  This has been going on for eight years.  Yes, my youngest was one month old when we realized we might lose our house.  His whole life has been spent knowing that he would be moving.

Our house blew up tonight.  Emotions are intense.  Our youngest is being intolerable, our oldest is emotionally sad, my husband is on edge and I am trying to write…this is eminent domain.

We are a family of four, our kids are young and this is our story.

This sucks…