It never ends

I thought I had the best ending to our saga.  I posted a video of the music group “the cranberries” with their song “here’s where the story ends” on Facebook.  It seemed perfect. For all of my friends, it was perfect.  I know my friends are not following my blog.  I am sure most haven’t looked at it for years.  No need to.  They talk to me and know my story.  This blog isn’t for them.  It is for me and you.

They (my friends) know me better than this.  Thank gosh they have been there for me.  I mean that so sincerely.

No, this blog is for you.  You that just realized it is real and they are going to take your home.

That was me.  Over ten years ago.  That was me.

I cannot believe what we went through. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and still think I am at 4020.  I know what it has done to others.  I have written about it.

My question is, why am I  getting so many people signing up? What are your questions?  I will answer, I am here.




2 thoughts on “It never ends

  1. Em, Do you think your parents situation affected their life? I am curious as to why you have questions and looking at the big picture. Very interesting question, yes, I was looking for what I had, I wanted a similar house. Only, we were not given enough money to buy a similar house in our area. We ended up with a very different house. There is a lot I can talk about regarding this. But, in the end, we purchased a modern house. Something that I never, ever, thought I would live in.

  2. I read everything that you wrote in your blog: I wanted to have an idea of what my parents went through. Also, the house that my parents bought was similar to the house that they lost. Both houses faced the same direction. The living room was to the right of the front door in both houses… and to the left of the front door, there was a bedroom above the garage in both houses. There were also stairs going down to the basement from the kitchen in both houses. Is your new house similar to the house that you lost?

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