I’ve been thinking…

Okay, so I’ve been thinking.  Recently, I have been getting a lot of users.  I mean a lot when you don’t have to be a user to read my blog.  From the email addresses, I can see that people are from all over the world.  Besides the United States, I see email addresses from Poland, the U.K. and Canada.  Which, is really fascinating to me.  At first, I thought most of the users were probably spam.  But, that doesn’t make any sense, because I don’t see how any user could do anything weird to my blog.  So, I started thinking about this and realized that maybe people were genuinely curious as to what we went through.  I also know that if you are going through this, you probably do not want to talk about it, especially on any time of blog or forum.  I have had a few people that did comment and I started to email on a different formant to them.  I am done with my saga, it is only personal now and I truly want to help others.  I am not done talking about it, believe me.  But, my story is really over.  But, if you have questions, here’s how my blog works:  you write a comment and I can decide to post it or not.  So, if you have a question and you do not want it posted, just tell me in the post that you do not want it public and ask me your question or tell me your comment.  No worries, I am not going to try to “find you” or look you up.  Why would I?  I have nothing to gain and I have already lost, now it is what I do with what we went through.

Believe me, there is a lot I am not saying.  What I am not saying will either be for a book or be buried in our families history.  Maybe it will just be passed down orally as part of our families story.  I don’t know.  I’m still trying to figure that out.

I do know, that I have a lot of dreams still about 4020.  I have a lot of dreams about loosing my house.  Water is usually in the picture.  It doesn’t ever leave you, that was my last post.  But, I’m not angry or vindictive.  It is what it is.  I have to move on.

I am also pretty sure that attorneys are looking at my blog and/or signing up as a user.  Why not?  It was a friend of mine that is an attorney that advised me to start a blog in the first place.  Same thing goes for you, I will not post if you do not want me to, but feel free to ask me questions.

Do I think my counsel did things correct?  I will only say, I would of done things different.  I was too distraught to not let them take their path and at that time, I felt I did everything I could before hiring them.  But, yes, looking back, I would have asked them to take a different approach.

The politicians involved, well, let’s just say I tell every to vote down to their city council.  Some that made my fate are still on my city council.  You bet I’m involved and vote. That’s were I can make a difference.  After all of these years, I now know people that are running for State positions.  I’ve always been a “behind the scenes” person.  Don’t want to make waves or be in the spot light.

I can say so much more, but enough for tonight!