Well, that worked

My last post apparenty worked, because I have got some feed back.  Most are from people outside of the USA.

Yes, this actually happens here and no, it is not from our current administration.  We found out that we may loose our home in 2005.  It was a long process and we were able to stay in our home for about eight more years.

Yes, it affected our kids in different ways.  I don’t want to say too much here, but it is a very valid question.  One of kids was greatly affected and the County said there would be services available such as counseling. We did have to go that route and the County denied that claim.  That is one probably one of my biggest disappointments.  I feel we were lied to and that they really didn’t care about our mental well being.

Interesting that one of the recommended counseling centers had our formal mayor on the board of directors, decided not to go there.

Yes, it does make you feel jaded and the cards stacked against you.  But, I will say this, you cannot have this ruin your life.  That is why you have to vote and know who your local people are.  You have to move on.  It’s not easy.

xoxo, ~ Susan