On my last post I was completly exhausted.  Not sure how much it made sense.  We have been living in our rental home since Thursday. That was the day that after I showered I went down and all my furniture and belongings were gone. That was my last melt down.

I have not been back.  My husband has. He does not want me to go back.  I have to go back one more time.  Even if I break down, it is okay.  It is a process.  I get it.

Life is crazy for us.  I don’t even know what time or day it is.  Well, to a point.  I know it is Sunday and I should work tomorrow and I have meetings Tuesday and Wednesday, which I would love not to go to, but have to.

I finally showered today.  Had not cleaned up since Friday when I had continuing eduacation.  No make-up, hair pulled back, wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

Why would I do anything to unpack and sweat?

This is so much work.  This sucks.  I had everything perfect for our world and then it is just taken away.  Funny thing, I was at continuing education on Friday through Kaplin and the instructor told us they had moved locations because a Walmart was going into the strip mall they previous occupied.  I am sure I was the only one in the room who could relate. I didn’t bother to tell my story.

Yes, I am very tired of telling my story. Can’t start from the beginning.  I can continue this.  Which is interesting.  I know that I am getting 3-5 users a day.  Really?   Are you all spam? I don’t know your who you are and why you are signing up.  I know people are reading this, but it isn’t really a forum and sympathy and empathy are certainly coming to me personally, but not on the blog.

So, who is signing up?  Just curious.