Last week

Last week we had two days of the next step in this process.  It is called a “Commissioners hearing”.  My understanding of this, is that information is provided to three commissioners to review our last offer from the county.

It is part of the legal process in Minnesota, as I know each State is different.  I understand it is a step to avoid a trial.  The commissioners are a panel of three professionals.  Usually a realtor, an apprasier and an attorney.

Our attorney said that normally the homeowner does not attend this.  We did.  Why wouldn’t we?  It is our life.

They will review the information received and they may agree with our offer from the county or they may present a different offer.

Either way, we lost.  We lost our home and have moved.  To me, we already lost and there is no “win”.  How can there be a win?  As I said before, no amount of money will make this right and no one pays us for our stress, living in limbo and having to move.

If getting another offer of being able to buy or build a comparable home is a “win”, we still lost.  No one can pay us our time or stress.

My husband and some of our friends have been “hashing” out what would be fair.  What would make this process better, more fair and less stressful.  One of our cousins said that homeowners should hold the key and agree to the price before the project can move forward.  Another said a market value should be agreed upon and then a percentage should be put on top for the emotional stress.  Both, may make cities, counties and states think twice about forcing homeowners to move.

At this point, I just don’t know.  I still wake up thinking I am at my house, 4020, and then realize I am not.

I still have dreams of packing and all of the work we did to move.  I still have dreams I own my house…

No one involved knows about what we have gone through for the past eight years.  Everyone involved had or has there part to play, but they don’t know us.  They don’t know what we have felt or gone through for eight years.  Only our closest friends know everything.

I do not know what will happen from here.  I really have no idea.  I just know, I do not sleep well at night.  Which, apparently, is not uncommon with our situation.  Fair? No.

Like I said, we already lost.