Lilacs and Morels

One of my favorite flowers is Lilacs, they tell me it is spring and summer is around the corner.  When the lilacs bloom, my house at 4020 was filled with them for about two weeks.  I had them everywhere.  Love the smell, love the color.  We had light purple, dark purple and white lilacs.

Every room had lilacs.  I have a connection to old things.  Old houses, antique furniture and old plants.  Another favorite is peonies, love them!

I am happy to report that all of our digging last fall is paying off and my plants are blooming at our rental.  The plants we saved look great and they made it.

They made it.

I feel we should play the song from “Rocky” Da da Da, Da a Da…

With lilacs come Morel mushrooms.  All I can say is that we had morels in our backyard for years.  All kinds, black, white and yellow.  The yellow ones were huge.

We have had morels for three meals this week and my house is filled with lilacs.

Not saying where they came from.