Hurt to insult

This digital world can be good and it can be bad.  It is good I am getting my story out. I still tell my story everyday to somebody.  Today it was the person from the Shriners who called for a donation.

However, I have been bombarded with users who are spam.  Not sure what you are trying to accomplish, just adds hurt to insult.  I cannot delete you all fast enough.  Some try to keep coming back.  Really, please just leave me alone.  You already screwed up my computer, which I am replacing and there is nothing you can “get” from me.

I lost my house to eminent domain, my dream home and you are trying to hack my computer and website?  Shame on you.  Did you not read my post?

Shame on you.




The Ultimate Fate

Somehow I was truely hoping 4020 would have a second life somewhere else and be moved to another location.

We had thought about moving the house, but for us, the lot and location was just as important as the house.  It was the whole package and moving the house would just have been too much for us to deal with emotionally. It just would not have been the same for us.

I drove by yesterday.  The fence is gone and the windows are being taken out.  The deck has been taken apart and now I know the ultimate fate will be demolition.  I am not sure, but I think it is a pretty good guess.

I feel numb.  I feel sad.

I still think of those that made this decision…