It’s gone

4020 Shady Oak Road came down last Friday.  July 11, 2014.

Not sure how I feel.  Didn’t cry.  Numb.  That part is done, do not need to drive by anymore.  It was the last house down.  I feel that gave some respect to the house that was built in 1938 to be the last one standing.

We have watched all of the houses and trees come down and took photos of the process.  It was pretty gut rentching to see the trees come down and the house still standing.

Once all of the other homes and business properties that were acquired came down, along with the trees, you could see 4020 from before the duck pond on Shady Oak Road.  You could see the addition and how big the house actually was.  Now that it is down, you can see what a beautiful view we had.  It was our little secret and sanctuary.

We have now been in our rental home for ten months. House just came down and we are no where near a settlement.  How many years of our life will this process take?  We are now over nine years since we found out that we would be loosing our home.

Something needs to change.  I can only hope we are a part of that change.

I think of those that were elderly.  I have already written about the stories I have read on how this process is not kind to most.  I really thought I could do this on my own and that the powers to be would be “fair” and we could compromise.  But, why should we compromise?  We already lost.

That is why I continue our story.