More open houses

Last Sunday we went to two open houses.  This has been a regular family Sunday event for many years.  Excited to see the first home, a vintage home, like we had that was remodeled.

Oh, the disapointment.  Again.

Then we went to a beautiful remodeled 1980’s home.  Everything I said I would never look at, but it was nice.  Won’t work for us, but a nice house.  Realtor understood our situation.  Knew right away we didn’t get enough for our house.

More connections.

I only hope the people that decided our fate, have just as much time sucking moments. Most Sundays for Nine years.

I think we have looked at hundreds of homes.  Only a few have stood out and they have sold.  Not right away, there has always been a chance, but they did sell.  Right now I have not a one on our list.

Doesn’t matter, we haven’t settled yet.  But, hard to live with, given our age.

Not fair to start over, none of this is fair.  There is so much more I am not talking about, that has affected our family.

This, our situation, will never be fair.  Never.


One and a half hours

I spoke with one of my old neighbors tonight.  She wanted to call me when 4020 Shady Oak came down.  Her family talked her out of it, they didn’t want to ruin my weekend.  I understand both ways.

Some people do not want to tell us and others can’t wait to tell us.  We know, regardless.  We have been driving by and taking photos.

What I didn’t know is how quickly it came down.  My old neighbor informed me it was 1 1/2 hours.  Years to build, down in 1 and 1/2 hours.  Wow.

So many people have empathy for us.  I have empathy for the original owners who built the house.  I feel they were there in spirit.

I think about why I have photo’s of the house being built in the 1930’s.  I have photo’s from the 40’s and upwards.  Why?  What am I going to do with it?

Well, I am going to continue my story.

That is what I am going to do.


Yes, we voted yesterday

Yes, we voted yesterday.  Have to.  Need to know who will hold our future.  Since we are living in a rental home, our district changed.  Wish we could have voted in our old district, the one we were in for fifteen years.

Yes, one of the city council members that never returned my phone calls, never saw our house and voted to condem it, ran for State Representative.

When we voted, one of the election judges made the comment that only a hundred or so people voted in this area, how sad is that?

Folks, wake up.  If they can “take” my house, they can “take” yours.  Seriously, does anyone care?  You will, if it happens to you.


No place to dance

My husband and I like to dance.  At 4020 we would dance in our living/dining room on the beautiful 1938 oak floor.  It was a great space and many a friend would dance in that area.

Salsa, ballroom, you name it. When we hosted exchange students, we would move the furniture and dining room table to open it up even more.  And they danced.  A lot of people danced in that space.  So many songs, so many people.  So much fun.

We have no where to dance at our rental.  Different space.

We have company coming this weekend.  A great group that has danced at 4020.  Probably will not dance this weekend, even though we will play the same songs.

One of my favorite old songs is “Those were the days, my friend” by Mary Hopkin.  My Father bought me her album in 1973, I actually still have the album.  I also have it on my I Phone.  Danced many times to that song at 4020.

Along with Paul Potts version of “Time to say goodbye”.

Wow, I still really miss that house.

Hard to believe it’s really gone.