I recently re-read my blog.  It was quite interesting, because now I am settled in my new house.  For a good period of time.  This summer, in June, it will be two years in our house.

I cannot describe how it feels to be in “our house”, “my house”.  Not a rental. Those years in our rental seem so distant and unreal.  Like a dream.  Albeit, a lot of work.

Long story with moving out, don’t want to go into details.  But, when our rental home went on the market for sale, things changed.  We ended up leaving all of our plants and flowers at that place.  Can’t call it home, it was only a temporary stop for 2 1/2 years.  Everyone was on edge, us, the owners and the realtor involved.  My plants/flowers/raspberries were important, to a point.  At least I saved them, right?  I guess I gave them a new home.  I thought I would take them with me again, anything from 4020 right?

No, they helped sell the property and in the end they stayed at the rental.  The rainbow plaything and shed were sold on craigslist.  It was a crazy time, once again, leaving our rental.

I don’t think about this like I use to, but it still is there.  I left out so many things trying to be “politically correct “.

Like the tree.  Yes, I left out talking about the tree at 4020.  Crazy story.

About a year to six months before we had to vacate 4020, we received a letter from the city of Minnetonka about a dead elm tree that needed to be removed.  I called that department  and advised them that our house was condemned and that that tree, along with every other tree on our property would be coming down. That department had no idea and then spent time on who should pay for it.

Well, do I even need to explain?  Of course, that department had no idea of our situation and we had to pay for the tree to come down.  To the tune of about $2000.00.  Yep, they had to basically put a crane on our neighbors driveway and go over his garage to get to this tree.

The neighbors who were also condemned.

This was so messed up.

And, I haven’t really told much…just the basics…