Still in limbo

Not sure what to say.  Not sure where to start. We are still renting and it has been over a year.  Just signed another six month lease.  A year goes by fast.  So many things have happened over so many years, but, before I was still in my house.

My house.  I was still okay in my house until the end, then it was hard.  It was a hard move.  Exciting to some point at first, a new beginning.  So much to do, very short time.

We were condemned and found a nice rental home.  We had bedrooms painted to match what we had.  We planted plants and flowers we dug up from 4020 and planted them in our rental home.

We have gotten to know the owners of our temporary home, they know our story.

I am very tired of being in limbo.

How do you talk about the emotions that you go through?  I know, no one wants to talk.  I am not sure I want to talk any more.

I lost my “nest’, my home I brought my babies into and I want to make a “nest” or a home for my family.  But, I can never give them what we had because “they” didn’t pay us enough for a comparable home.

So, I can buy a lesser home, okay, really.  Why?  Why should any one compromise because they were forced to move?

What is fair about this?  I know I already lost, no turning back, they bulldozed our home — bulldozed it.

I someday hope the people building that frontage road learn and know about us.